Membership Process

Membership to the Rideau Club is by nomination. A Member candidate requires a Nominator and Seconder who must be shareholding members in good standing of the Rideau Club, to support their application.

Persons new to the Ottawa area or who do not know the required two Members may contact our Membership Liaison at for assistance.

Once your membership application has been received, the completed application will be placed before the Executive Committee for consideration.

The prospective Member’s name and business information will then be circulated to all Shareholders of the Rideau Club. Members are encouraged to share their comments on the proposed candidate

Nominations are then reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Once the application for membership is approved by the Board of Directors, membership shall commence on the 1st day of the following month.

Nomination form

Download as PDF

In the case of an application for membership from a member in good standing of an affiliated club, a proposer and seconder are not required. An affiliated club is a club designated as such by the Board of the Rideau Club.

Who to contact

For further information, please contact our Membership Development Manager: Ted Wagstaff, (613) 233-7787,