Guest Policies

Conduct of Guests

  1. Please be mindful of the Club motto, Savoir faire, Savoir vivre. Guests should conduct themselves at all times in an exemplary manner that honours the traditions and values of the Club.
  2. Guests are personally responsible for ensuring they respect the law regarding consumption of alcohol and the use of cannabis, in particular as it pertains to the operation of motor vehicles. That responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the Club.

Dress Code

Guests are required to conform to the approved standards of attire at all times. For greater certainty, the following guidelines shall be respected:

Main Dining Room – Business Attire

  • For men: jackets, collared shirts, ties, tailored slacks, or suits.
  • For women: dresses, suits, skirts with blouses, tailored trousers with blouses, or evening pants.

All other areas in the Club – Casual Business Attire

  • For men: smart, casual tailored trousers or pants; jacket optional but recommended; shirts with collars and sleeves; and turtleneck sweaters.
  • For women: smart, casual tailored trouser or pants; skirts; collared shirts; collarless blouses; and sleeveless summer dresses.

More formal business attire is always appropriate and encouraged in the Club.

** Please note, when attending a private event, the dress requirement is Casual Business Attire unless specified otherwise by the host**

Not permitted anywhere in the club

  • Faded, torn or worn casual trouser/pant or any trouser/pant that sits below the natural waistline, cargo pants, t-shirt, shorts, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, opened toed shoes for men, casual sandals (ie. flip-flops) for women, any apparel with slogans or commercial messages.


  1. Personal effects such as hats, coats, umbrellas and overshoes may be left in the cloakrooms. Briefcases and valuables may be left in the administration office or at the reception desk. The Club accepts no responsibility for loss of any personal effects.
  2. Electronic Communications devices (ie. laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.) may be used discreetly in silent mode throughout the Club with the exception of in the formal dining room. Telephone calls may be placed and received in the telephone booths or in private rooms reserved for meetings.
  3. Photography by members and their guests is permissible in areas of the Club where electronic communication devices are permitted. To protect the privacy of our members, their guests, and our employees; photographs should not include individuals who have not given their express consent or any Club employees.

Club Employees

  • Guests shall respect the decision of any Club employee to refuse service of alcohol. Club employees engaged in the service of alcoholic beverages have received training approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and are required to abide by the Club’s Policy Statement on Alcohol Service.

For information on how you can become a Member of the Rideau Club, please contact Ted Wagstaff, Membership Development Manager at, telephone: (613) 233-7787.