Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Card

Did you know your guests have the ability to pay?

The Club offers the option to split bills or have guests pay via credit card. If you bring friends to the Club to dine, bills could be split so you would not be solely responsible for the bill every time. Guests of Members who are members of an affiliated club, can also sign on their club’s account.

Letter of Introduction

Each Club shall provide its own member with a Card of Introduction or with an Annual Membership Card which shall serve as a Card of Introduction.

Upon presentation of the Card of Introduction or the Membership Card, the visited Club, when requested, will issue a Guest Card valid for two weeks.  The Guest Card may be once renewed for two weeks upon request of the Member.

No Member may receive more than four Introductions to the same Club in any calendar year.

Membership Information

Membership to the Rideau Club is by nomination process.

For further information, please contact our Membership Liaison:

Mr. Ted Wagstaff

(New Changes)

Parking is available in the 99 Bank Street complex. Access is by Queen Street. The Rideau Club covers the cost of evening parking for Members only. Guests bringing their own car will be charged $6 payable to the onsite attendant after 6 p.m. as the Rideau Club does not cover this cost with the parking unit owners. Members wishing to charge their parking to their Rideau Club account are  reminded to clearly write their name and member number on the Voucher. Parking is also available at the World Exchange Plaza however, members will be required to pay by cash or credit card, parking vouchers can no longer be signed to your account.


Reciprocal Club Members

The Club has reciprocal exchange privileges with over 150 Clubs worldwide. Members wishing to use the facilities of reciprocal Clubs are required to make prior arrangements with said Club.  Members are advised to make themselves familiar with House Rules governing guest privileges at reciprocal Clubs. Members are to have an introduction letter before visiting the said Club.

Daily Max: $18.00
Under 30 minutes: $3.50
Under 60 minutes: $7.00
Under 90 minutes: $10.50
Under 120 minutes: $14.00

Parking is free for Rideau Club Members after 5:00 pm

Guest parking after 6.00 pm is $6

Spousal Privileges

As a spousal member of the Rideau Club you enjoy many privileges. Home to Ottawa’s business, civic and political leaders, the Rideau Club’s atmosphere, fine dining and interesting special events are unparalleled in the Nation’s Capital.

Whether it is for a family gathering, listening to thought-provoking speakers or just relaxing in our newly renovated bar, Club Room or our quiet library, the Rideau Club is a welcoming place.  You are likely already aware of many of the benefits of being a spousal member but thought we would highlight a few to keep you up-to-date.

  • Join a Rideau Club Committee – You can play a key role in shaping the future of the club by joining one of its committees such as Special Events, the House Committee, Membership and Communications Committee, and the Finance Committee.
  • Share a hobby – There are a full range of “clubs within the Club”.  Play bridge, join our book club, mahjong club or the crew that regularly play billiards.
  • Enjoy a superb meal – Our exceptional Chef Cory and his kitchen team create the finest “cuisine” to be found in Ottawa at prices which are very competitive or better than most public alternatives.
  • Visit other clubs – Rideau Club members enjoy access to similar fine clubs around the world.  Next time you are in London, New York, Paris, or many other major cities around the world, including other Canadian cities, you should consider enjoying your privileges as a Rideau Club member to expand your network.
  • Participate in interesting events – Our club hosts a range of compelling speakers and events.  This spring one of our “Speakers of Influence” is the new Chief of Defence staff, General Walter Natynczyk.  Mrs. Clare Cary, wife of the British High Commissioner will host an upcoming Spring Tea.
  • Gather your family – Our famous family events for those special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter shouldn’t be missed.  Likewise, you can book private dinner functions for weddings or small family gatherings for that next special birthday or anniversary.

Other less glamorous but important things to know include free parking in the building garage after 5:00 pm for our members and that, on request, the club office can create separate monthly billing from that of your spouse. Likewise, if you bring a friend or group of friends and want to share the bill, your guests can pay with their own credit cards.

The Board recently fine-tuned the dress code.  Club members and their guests are welcome for meals or other events throughout the club in an elegant style.  Mandatory jacket and collared shirts are required for men (tie is optional) and ladies are expected to similarly dress appropriately (dresses, skirts, pants with a jacket).  The Main Dining Room, however, requires, in addition to the core dress code, a tie for the gentlemen at all times on all days. We hope to see you soon at the Rideau Club.

Web Access

Wi-Fi now available in the Club. For access, please see front desk or office staff.